Jun 20

紧急提醒 – 大暴雨预警

预警!广东未来10天有大暴雨⛈🌧根据中国气象部门预报,6月8日—18日,广东大部继续发布暴雨黄色预警。预计局地有大暴雨及雷暴大风等强对流天气。请各供应商务必做好货物包装-防水包装。📦📦Urgent reminderHeavy rain to hit Guangdong in the next 10 days ⛈🌧According to the forecast of the Chinese Meteorological Department,...
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    In order to serve a broader customer base as the enterprise grows gradually, G & Fast started a bulk cargo center in Indonesia in the year 2007, followed by new logistics services like global bulk cargo, air freight and express delivery import to Malaysia.
    In the year 2011, Hong Kong G & Fast International Holdings Limited was established to control and expand the business, funding R&D activities as well as introduce logistics information systems into operation. The system able to provide cargo operation monitoring, tracking, query and resource scheduling, which in turn to ensure steady improvement in the quality of service, and established a leading position in customer service satisfaction.


    Since its inception, the company focus in import and export trading based on professional management, and gradually establish a complete service network including import and export trade, express services and customs clearance, transportation, foreign exchange, purchase of foreign exchange, online shopping logistics operations, management platform and high-quality management team. The company also owned a transportation fleet with high service quality. With flexible scheduling system, good business reputation, professional operation process planning and dedicated service attitude, the company able to provide customers with affordable, safe and efficient all-round integrated services.